Applications of Java

Applications of Java

As we all know java is one of the popular, demanded programming languages. It is most popular because of its high security, and easy-to-use-like features. The biggest benefit is that by using java we can develop various numbers of applications. But in today’s topic, we will focus on the application of Java. We all know that java has n number of applications. So today we discuss about few applications of java i.e.:

  • Mobile Application
  • Desktop Application
  • Web-based Application
  • Enterprise Application
  • Scientific Application
  • Gaming Application
  • Cloud-based Application
  • Business Application
  • IoT Application
  • Distributed Application

Let’s discuss about each application briefly

Mobile Application

The Java Programming Language is considered the official language for mobile app development. Because it is suitable for most popular android application development IDE software i.e. Android Studio and also familiar with Kotlin language. So in Java, its OOPs concept provides much better security and is easy to use and simple with Android. We all know that the most popular android application Twitter and Spotify are developed using Java Programming Language.

Desktop Application

In Java, all the desktop applications can easily be developed. Because Java also provides Graphical User Interface (GUI) application development capability by using Java AWT (Abstract Windowing Toolkit), Java Swing, and Java FX. Here Java AWT provides a number of pre-assembled components i.e. menu, list, button, and many more whereas Java Swing contains some advanced features like GUI widget toolkit, trees, scroll panes, tables list, etc.

Web-based Application

For developing web-based applications here also the role of the Java programming language is important because Java is widely used for developing web applications. It provides quick and vast support for a web application by using Java Servlet, Struts, JSPs, etc. So this is the reason for calling that Java is also known as a Server Side Programming Language. By using these server-side technologies we can develop different kinds of web applications as per our needs. The biggest advantage of this language is its most popular frameworks i.e. Spring, Hibernate, and Spring Boot are used for developing server-side web-based applications. So it allows us to develop a larger number of applications for security, social, education, health, etc. As we all know that the popular web application Linkedin, IRCTC, AliExpress, etc all are developed using Java programming language.

Enterprise Application

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