Langrage`s Interpolating Formula Derivation

Here we are interpolating a polynomial y = f(x). Where (x0,y0), (x1,y2), (x3,y3),……. (xn,yn) are n+1 calculated point. Let their points are exist
Xi= x0+ih where i =1, 2, 3….n
y = f(x) = a0(x-x1)(x-x2)(x-x3)……(x-xn)

Method Overriding in Java

Method overriding is a term used in Java when a subclass (child class) has a method that is also declared in the parent class. A method used by Java to achieve Run Time Polymorphism is method overriding.

PHP Exception And Error Handling Tutorial

If a specific error occurs, PHP exceptions are used to alter a script’s normal flow. We’ve taught about PHP-Exception And Error Handling. try, catch, throw also

Method Overloading in Java

Method overloading is the practice of having multiple methods with the same name but various parameter values. Compile-time polymorphism is connected to overloading.
Method overloading can be done in two different ways.
Different argument datatypes
Various number of arguments

PHP-File Uploading | Example

PHP-File Uploading is simply uploading files to the server using PHP. But with convenience also comes risk, so use caution whenever allowing file uploads

PHP file Function : file_exists | fopen

PHP file function. Using file(), a file is read into an array. A line from the file, complete with the newline character, is contained in each element of the array.