Your facial expressions may be displayed on an external screen by Apple Reality Pro.


During the first week of June 2023’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple is anticipated to unveil its hotly anticipated AR/VR headset. This rumour now has more support thanks to Mark Gurman’s most recent forecasts from Bloomberg, who asserts that the announcement may be one of Tim Cook’s last major moves as Apple CEO and will have an impact on his legacy. The Apple Reality Pro, the company’s rumoured first mixed reality headset, is said to have a facial expressions-displaying external display. It is anticipated to cost around $3,000 (roughly Rs. 2,50,000) and run on a new xrOS operating system.

Mark Gurman revealed on Thursday (May 18) that Apple’s wearable mixed reality headset will have an outward-facing display in his weekly Power On newsletter. By displaying the wearers’ eye and facial movements, this external display will keep them engaged with the outside world. According to reports, Apple sees this feature as a key advantage over enclosed VR headsets.

According to a source familiar with the product, Gurman claims that the exterior screens would make it possible for users to interact with headset wearers without coming off as robotic.

Gurman asserts that one of Tim Cook’s final major moves as Apple CEO could be the release of the eagerly anticipated mixed reality headset. It would either give him another significant accomplishment or support the claim that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was responsible for the majority of the company’s successes.

The mixed reality headset that Apple has been working on for more than seven years is rumoured to have diverged greatly from Cook’s original vision. It might have a separate battery pack and look like a pair of ski goggles. The battery might resemble a power corded iPhone-sized pack. The Apple Reality Pro is anticipated to cost around $3,000 and utilise the brand-new xrOS operating system.

Users might be able to make group video calls and use it as an additional Mac monitor. To produce content for the device once it becomes official, Apple is reportedly collaborating with software and game developers as well as other entertainment businesses.

Gurman describes the difficulties the company faced in creating its mixed-reality headset but adds that the much-anticipated augmented reality (AR) glasses from the iPhone maker are still at least four years away from hitting the market.

The development of the Reality Pro headset has not yet received recognition from Apple. According to the company, the mixed-reality headset uses its M2 processor and 16GB of memory. Apple is anticipated to reveal the headset’s existence at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which begins on June 5.


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