You can now track lost or stolen smartphones with the aid of this new portal: Details


Through the Sanchar Saathi portal, which the Department of Telecom launched on Tuesday, people can now block and locate their stolen or lost mobile phones throughout India.

Through the Sanchar Saathi Portal, users will be able to block, track, and verify the legitimacy of a used device before purchasing it, according to Union Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw.

The Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) is the first component of the Sanchar Saathi portal. You can go to this portal if you misplace your cell phone. Following some identity verification and an undertaking requirement, the portal will communicate with telecom service providers and law enforcement organisations to block your lost mobile phone, according to Vaishnaw.

He claimed that the Prime Minister has a clear vision that emphasises the importance of user safety and that the resources available through the Sanchar Saathi portal are in line with that vision.

When questioned about steps the government is taking to prevent fraud through WhatsApp calls, the minister responded that the app, which is owned by Meta, has agreed to deactivate services connected to any mobile phone number involved in fraudulent activities.

“We have been proactively interacting with WhatsApp, and they concur that customer safety comes first. All OTT platforms are actively collaborating to deregister users who have been identified as fraud users, according to Vaishnaw.

He claimed that 36 lakh mobile connections had been cut off for fraud while their WhatsApp accounts were also blocked.

According to the minister, Know Your Mobile’s Sanchar Saathi service enables customers to confirm the veracity of used mobile phones before making a purchase.

The rising trends in cyber frauds will be seriously controlled by these reforms, and Vaishnaw expressed confidence that we can bring them down.

He claimed that people can use the TAFCOP facility on Sanchar Saathi to see if other mobile numbers are using their names without their knowledge or consent.

The facilities for Sanchar Saathi were created by C-DoT. The Department of Telecom’s technology development division has been successful in adding a feature to monitor the use of counterfeit mobile phones across all telecom networks.

Before a mobile device can be sold in India, the government has made it mandatory to disclose the IMEI, a 15-digit unique numeric identifier.

The list of authorised IMEI numbers will be available to the mobile networks, allowing them to check for the presence of any unauthorised mobile devices on their network.

The IMEI number of the device and the mobile number associated with it will be visible to telecom operators and the CEIR system, and the data is used in some states to track your lost or stolen mobiles through CEIR.

One of the common methods used by criminals to avoid being found and blocked from using stolen mobile phones is to change the IMEI number of the device.

With the aid of various databases, the CEIR will be able to block any cloned mobile devices on the network.

Delhi, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and the North East are just a few of the telecom circles where C-DOT has been testing the technology. Using the CEIR system, the Karnataka Police recently found and returned 2,500 lost mobile phones to their owners. With the aid of Apple id, a system for tracking lost smartphones already exists, but Android-based smartphones have primarily caused problems.

Using stolen mobile phones will be pointless with the new system in place. The system created by Sanchar Saathi may also aid in reducing phone smuggling.


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