What companies are in the technology field?

Technology firms have assumed a prominent position in recent years in influencing consumer preferences, financial markets, and economic growth. For instance, the largest tech stocks as a group have outperformed the overall market by a significant margin over the past ten years. This is because companies are in the technology field has significantly altered how people communicate, consume information, shop, socialize, and work.

The research, development, and production of goods and services with a technological foundation are the main activities of businesses in the technology sector. In addition to creating software, they also design and produce computers, mobile devices, and home appliances. Additionally, they supply items and services related to information technology.

Technology has become more pervasive throughout the economy over the last few decades. The S&P 500 index now includes a total weighting of 29.1% for the technology sector, up from 20.7% at the end of 2016, and among the best long-term performers on the market. Even large-cap firms that aren’t technically categorised as tech firms by the Global Industry Classification Standard, or GICS, like Alphabet Inc. (GOOG, GOOGL), Amazon.com Inc. (AMZN), and Tesla Inc. (TSLA), have businesses that are centred around disruptive technology. Here are the top 10 global technology companies that were publicly traded in the United States as of August 11 using the GICS classification.

The top 10 technology companies, as determined by trailing 12-month (TTM) revenue, are shown below.

companies are in the technology field
  • Apple Inc. 
  • Alpha
  • Meta
  • Microsoft Corp.
  • Dell Technologies Inc. 
  • IBM 
  • Intel Corp.
  • HP Inc.
  • Samsung Electronics Co.
  • Sony Corp.

This list only contains companies that directly or through ADRs trade publicly in the US or Canada. The only exception is Samsung, which is far too big to be left off the list but, unlike many other sizable companies outside of the US, lacks an ADR. Some foreign companies might only submit reports every two years, causing longer reporting delays. Six of the top ten companies are American companies, demonstrating the nation’s continued technological hegemony. Three of them are Japanese, one from Taiwan, and one from South Korea. The biggest companies are all located outside of China’s main island. YCharts.com has provided the data. As of May 13, 2020, the information is up to date.

Apple Inc. 

In 1976, Apple, known for items like the iPhone and Macbook, was founded. In addition to its 154,000 direct employees, Apple also employs hundreds of thousands of people worldwide through its suppliers.

Office location: Cupertino, California

Revenu : 365.8 billion dollars

$2.8 trillion in market value


Although Google, Alphabet’s primary company, was established much earlier, in 1998, Alphabet was only formally incorporated in 2015. DeepMind, a company that does artificial intelligence research, and Calico, a biotechnology researcher, are further Alphabet companies.

Office location: Mountain View, California

$257.6 billion in revenue

$1.8 trillion Market Value


In 2004, Harvard students created the social networking site Meta, formerly known as Facebook. Since then, the business has increased its dominance over social media and is experimenting with virtual reality technology through the development of tools like the Oculus and the Metaverse.

Menlo Park, California is where the headquarters are located.

$117.9 billion in revenue; $605.3 billion in market value.

Microsoft Corp.

Since its founding in 1975, Microsoft has developed into one of the software industry’s most recognisable names. In addition to being the parent company of subsidiaries like Skype and LinkedIn, Microsoft is the maker of well-known products like Office Suite and the Xbox.

Office location: Redmond, Washington

$168.1 billion in revenue

$2.3 trillion in market value

Dell Technologies Inc. 

In 2016, Dell Inc. and EMC Corporation merged to form Dell Technologies. From personal computers and smartphones to cybersecurity and cloud storage, Dell offers a wide range of tech goods and services.

Office location: Round Rock, Texas

income of $107 billion

$38.1 billion in market value


Established in 1911, IBM was a pioneer in the development of technology. Today, IBM manufactures and markets a wide range of computer hardware and software. Notably, it invented the ATM and magnetic stripe card.

Office location: Armonk, New York

$72.3 billion in revenue

$117 billion in market value

Intel Corp.

The leading global manufacturer of computer chips, Intel also offers solutions for computing, networking, data storage, and communication. For the cloud, enterprise, and communication infrastructure markets, the company provides platform products. For laptops, smartphones, and desktop computers, Intel offers flash memory, programmable semiconductors, and processors. The business is well known for its high-performance processors, which are used in PCs by consumers and businesses alike all over the world.

TTM revenue: $75.7 billion

Total TTM Net Income: $22.7 billion

Capitalization: $247.2 billion

HP Inc.

Personal computing, imaging, and printing products as well as associated technologies, solutions, and services are all produced and sold by HP. The company sells workstations, personal computers, retail point-of-sale systems, mobile business devices, and software. Perhaps HP’s most well-known products are the scanners and printers that are used by consumers and companies all over the world.

TTM revenue: $58,7 billion

Net Income: $3 billion

$21.3 billion in market value

Samsung Electronics Co.

In key product categories, Samsung Electronics competes with Apple and other significant tech firms globally. It operates in a wide range of industries, such as communications, information technology, and consumer electronics. The South Korean company offers a variety of products for sale, including computers, printers, home appliances, TVs and home theatres, wearable technology, mobile phones, tablets, and virtual reality headsets. Samsung is most well-known for its well-liked Galaxy line of smartphones.

Total annual revenue: $197.5 billion

Total TTM Net Income: $18.4 billion

Capitalization: $325.4 billion

Sony Corp.

Sony is a Japanese technology company that creates electronics goods for the global consumer, business, and industrial markets. Personal computers, mobile phones, video game consoles, software, and cameras are just a few of the goods that the company sells. Along with live-action and animated movies, it also creates and releases recorded music. The well-known video game console, PlayStation, is created and sold by Sony.

TTM revenue: $79.3 billion

Total TTM Net Income: $6 billion

Capitalization: $80.0 billion

Inevitably, a lot of the biggest businesses in the world are involved in technology. For instance, Amazon has parts of its business that are totally dedicated to tech products, like cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Amazon is primarily a retailer, though. A company can concentrate on a wide range of goods and services in the technology sector. These sectors include, among others:

  • computer programmes
  • computers and other office supplies
  • electrical and electronic devices
  • services in information technology
  • Electronic parts and semiconductors
  • equipment for networks and communications
  • Telecommunications

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