Watch as firefighters save this AirTag-equipped dog from a storm drain.


Apple’s AirTag tracking device is a useful tool for keeping track of your personal belongings, but despite not being intended for that use, people also use the tracker to find their pets by attaching it to a collar. A dog who ran away from his owner in California and got inside a storm drain before being swept away has now been rescued. According to first responders, the dog had both an AirTag and a typical ID tag on.

One-year-old Australian Shepherd Seamus ran from his owner Emilie Brill while they were out for a walk and headed for a drainage area. “He ran away from me and plunged into this drainage,” I said. He could have been lost with just one paw in the water, according to Brill, who spoke to ABC7. Thank goodness, Seamus’ disappearance was quickly reported to emergency personnel, and search and rescue operations started right away.

Seamus entered a flood control basin and was swept away in swiftly moving waters, according to a video that the San Bernadino County Fire Department published on January 18 and which details the attempt to save the dog. An employee at a nearby RV park informed the fire department that they had seen a dog floating down the nearby channel and heard it barking.

The video shows that when the firefighters found Seamus, nearly a mile (roughly 1.6 kilometres) from where he had entered the storm drain, he had managed to escape the swiftly moving water and was in an access tube.

The crew dried and warmed the lucky dog in the fire engine before dropping him off at Brill’s house, and they were then reunited.

According to the fire department, “Seamus was equipped with both an Apple AirTag & a traditional ID Tag which aided rescuers and owners in tracking the pup and reuniting them.” It’s important to note that Apple previously advised people to “make sure that their moving pet gets into range of a device in the Find My network” if they wanted to use an AirTag to track the whereabouts of their pets.


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