TikTok has been prohibited everywhere from India to the UK; Pakistan has four times blocked Chinese apps!

On Thursday, the British government outlawed the use of the Chinese-owned video-sharing app TikTok on government-issued smartphones. The UK Parliament was advised by Oliver Dowden, Minister for the Cabinet Office, that the prohibition will also apply to official phones and gadgets used by government personnel. Electronic equipment and personal mobile phones are not subject to the restriction.

TikTok is short video sharing app.

With this, the UK became one of at least a few of nations that have prohibited their employees from using TikTok for reasons ranging from privacy concerns to threats to national security to inciting harmful content.

These countries have banned TikTok


During the Covid outbreak in 2020, the Center blocked TikTok and dozens of other Chinese applications, citing privacy and security concerns. The ban was put into place shortly after the battle in Galwan, which resulted in the deaths of 20 Indian soldiers. (READ ALSO: TikTok closes office in India, terminates staff three years after ban: Report)


The US government instructed its agencies and organisations 30 days in February to delete the app from their computers. Only American legislators will be subject to the limitation. (READ ALSO: US orders ByteDance to market TikTok. It reads, “If safeguarding national security… “)


In order to protect their security and privacy, Canada requested in February that its government representatives refrain from using the TikTok app.

European Union

TikTok was prohibited from employees’ devices by the European Parliament, the European Commission, and the EU Council in February.


The use of the software on official units will be prohibited, the Danish Defense Ministry declared on March 6 as a cybersecurity precaution. It claimed that the possibility of spying existed.


On March 10, the country’s prime minister announced that TikTok would no longer be accessible on official government phones due to concerns about cybersecurity, privacy, and false information.

Afghanistan and Taiwan also forbid the use of the Chinese app. TikTok has at least four times been temporarily banned in Pakistan because of worries that the app promotes the viewing of pornographic content.

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