Standards for USB Type-C Charging Port for Mobiles and Tablets are Released by BIS


Standards for USB Type-C Charging Port for Mobiles and Tablets are Released by BIS – According to a senior official in the consumer affairs ministry, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has released quality Standards for USB Type-C charging ports as the government prepares to introduce two standard types of charging ports for mobile phones and wearable electronic devices.

The Department of Consumer Affairs is considering mandating two types of common charging ports — a USB Type-C charger for mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets, and another common charger for wearable electronic devices — in the interest of consumers and to reduce e-waste.

“At the previous meeting, there was a broad agreement among the participants that USB Type-C should be used as a charging port for devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The BIS has announced Type C charger standards “Rohit Kumar Singh, the secretary of consumer affairs, told PTI.

IIT-Kanpur is researching the use of a single charging port for wearable electronic devices like watches and other jewelry. The report will be discussed with the industry after it is submitted, he said.

The Secretary responded, “We have to align with the European Union (EU) timeline, i.e. 2024 because the mobile and electronics makers have a global supply chain and they don’t supply to India alone,” when asked about the mandatory rollout of two types of common charging ports in India. The formation of a sub-group to investigate the viability of a standard charging port for wearables was also decided upon at the meeting on November 16. Representatives from business organizations and educational institutions will be part of the sub-group.

It was also thought that the Union Environment Ministry might conduct an impact study to evaluate and investigate the potential effects of uniform charging ports in electronic devices with regard to e-waste.

Stakeholders had agreed that the common charging port could be introduced gradually to allow for a smooth transition between industry use and consumer adoption.

The standardization of charging ports is a step toward Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment) mission, which calls for “mindful and deliberate utilization” rather than “mindful and wasteful consumption” by people everywhere.

The LiFE mission seeks to establish and support a worldwide community of people known as “Pro-Planet People” (P3) who are dedicated to embracing and advancing environmentally friendly lifestyles.


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