Microsoft Releases New Excel Features for Web, Windows, and Mac


Many new intelligent features have been released by Microsoft for Excel. The features are now available for Web users in addition to Windows and Mac users. Suggested Links, Image Function, Formula Suggestions, Formula by Example, and other new features are available to web users. If an external link to a Cloud workbook is broken, the Suggested Links feature will identify it and offer users a new location to fix it. Users of the Image Function tool will be able to resize cells, sort, and filter data in an Excel table as well as work with images.

In addition to suggested links, the image function, and a new search bar in the queries pane, Microsoft is rolling out Formula Suggestions, Formula by Example, and Suggested links to Excel web users, according to a blog post on the company’s website. Windows users now have access to the Image function and a new keyboard shortcut that opens the Power Query editor, while Mac Excel users only have access to the Image function tool.

According to Microsoft, when an external link to a Cloud workbook breaks, the Suggested Links feature will alert users and recommend a new URL where the broken link can be fixed. It is currently possible to produce the movie.

Based on the user’s data, the Formula Suggestions feature will automatically suggest the best formula. Users must enter the symbol “=” in a cell or the formula bar to use this feature. Excel currently only supports the English language and can suggest the SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, MAX, MIN, and COUNTA formulas.

Formula by example, on the other hand, suggests filling the entire column with a formula in order to identify the pattern and make manual data entry simpler.

Users of Excel for the Web can search and find their queries in the Queries search pane with the help of the Search bar feature.

According to reports, Microsoft is developing a tabs feature for the Windows 11 Notepad app. The feature is currently undergoing preliminary internal testing and is planned for release at the start of 2023. An image of the feature was accidentally posted to Twitter by a Microsoft employee, but it was later removed.


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