iPhone Netflix application Recently Redesigned Its UI in a New Update


Through an update, Netflix has given its iPhone app a new user interface. The new update, whose development began in 2022, gives the app’s interface a fresh look and adds new animations and transitions to make everything seem fluid. The update also includes what Netflix refers to as the “billboard layout,” a card-like user interface with complementary backgrounds. Users must update the Netflix app to the most recent version (15.14.0) via the App Store in order to use the new interface.

A former Netflix UI designer named Janum Trivedi provided an explanation of the changes in a series of tweets while the update was being made available on the App Store. In essence, the update adds a new featured card front and centre that is used to advertise a film or a show. The large card is placed on a background that automatically selects colours based on the cover image. The card also features a parallax effect that activates when an iPhone user twists the device by a few degrees at any angle. A new filter with rounded, pill-shaped buttons that makes it simpler to sort content by categories is located on the top left. Additionally, the background of the categories drop-down menu matches the foreground colour. The app’s interface has a tonne of new animations and transitions, including cards that float in and out of position and transitions and animations for the profile selector.

The UI team has been working on this update since 2022, according to Trivedi’s tweets. There are currently no details on whether this updated user interface will be available on Android smartphones. Although 9to5Mac mentioned that an Apple TV version of the same interface would be coming soon, the source tweet has since been removed.

According to recent reports, Netflix has acquired the streaming rights to 18 new Tamil movies. The acquisition occurs as the streaming service prioritises localised content for its app. After they are released in theatres, the movies will be made available on the app. Netflix will handle the dubbing and subtitling so that the movies can be viewed in a variety of languages.


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