General Motors plans to gradually phase out Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in upcoming EVs.

In favour of integrated infotainment systems created with Google for future electric vehicles, General Motors plans to phase out widely used Apple CarPlay and Android Auto technologies that let drivers avoid a vehicle’s infotainment systems.

Users of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems can display their smartphone screens in the dashboard of a vehicle.

The decision by GM to stop offering those systems in upcoming electric vehicles, beginning with the Chevrolet Blazer in 2024, may enable the automaker to gather more information on consumer driving and charging habits.

Together with Google from Alphabet, GM is developing the on-board navigation and infotainment systems for upcoming EVs.

A setback for Apple Inc. in its battle with Google for greater dashboard space in North America is the decision to phase out the CarPlay smartphone projection technology. In the past, GM’s Chevrolet brand bragged about having more models available with CarPlay or Android Auto than any other brand.

In order to create the software foundations for infotainment systems that will be more closely integrated with other vehicle systems, like GM’s Super Cruise driver assistance system, GM has been working with Google since 2019. The car company is stepping up its plan to use its electric vehicles as platforms for digital subscription services.

GM wants to phase out the production of new light-duty combustion vehicles by 2035.

According to Edward Kummer, the company’s chief digital officer, and Mike Himche, executive director of the digital cockpit experience, GM would benefit from concentrating engineers and investment on one strategy to more closely connect in-vehicle infotainment and navigation with features like assisted driving.

Many new driver assistance features that are more closely integrated with navigation are on the way, according to Himche, who spoke to Reuters. We don’t want to create these features in a way that makes a person’s possession of a mobile necessary.

According to GM, purchasers of EVs equipped with the new systems will have free access for eight years to Google Maps and Google Assistant, a voice assistant. The music streaming service Spotify, Audible, and other services that many motorists currently access via smartphones will be available on future infotainment systems, according to GM.

GM intends to keep providing Android Auto and Apple CarPlay mirroring systems in its combustion models. Owners of cars with mirroring technologies will still be able to use the systems, according to GM.

On iPhones or Android smartphones, drivers will still be able to use Bluetooth wireless connectivity to play music or make phone calls, according to GM.

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