Simple HTML Tags

<!DOCTYPE> Defines the html document type.
<html>An HTML document is defined.
<head>Contains document metadata and information
<title>Establishes the document’s title
<body>Outlines the body of the document
<h1> to <h6>HTML headings are defined.
<p>Introduces a paragraph
<br>A single line break is added.
<hr>Defines a content change in theme
<!–…–>Establishes a comment

Input and Forms

<form>Defines a user-input HTML form
<input>Defines an input control
<textarea>The definition of a multiline input control (text area)
<button>Explains what a clickable button is
<select>Creates a drop-down menu
<optgroup>Defines a set of connected choices in a drop-down menu
<option>Defines a drop-down list option
<label>Establishes a label for a “input” element.
<fieldset>Groups similar components on a form.
<legend>Caption for a “fieldset” element is defined.
<datalist>Provides a list of options for input controls that are already defined.
<output>Defines a calculation’s outcome


<img>Defines an image
<map>Defines an image map on the client side.
<area>Defines a region inside a map image
<canvas>Used to create graphics instantly through scripting (usually JavaScript)
<figcaption>Establishes the caption for a “figure” element.
<figure>Self-contained content is specified
<picture>Establishes a container for numerous image resources
<svg>Establishes a container for SVG images


<ul>An unordered list is defined.
<ol>An ordered list is defined.
<li>What a list item means
<dir>HTML5 does not support this. Use ul> in its place. Establishes a directory list
<dl>What a description list is
<dt>The definition of a term or name in a description list
<dd>Defines a term’s or name’s description in a description list.


<table>Defines a table
<caption>Introduces a table caption
<th>Defines a table’s header cell.
<tr>Defines a table row.
<td>Defines a table cell.
<thead>Groups the table’s header content.
<tbody>Makes a table with the body content in it.
<tfoot>Table that contains the footer content
<col>Gives each column in a “colgroup” element specific column properties.
<colgroup>Gives formatting instructions for a group of one or more columns in a table.


<a>Describes a link
<link>Establishes the connection between a document and a third party source (most frequently used to link to style sheets).
<nav>links in the navigation

Audio / Video

<audio>Sound content is defined
<source>Multiple media resources are defined for the media elements (video, audio, and picture).
<track>Text tracks for media elements (audio and video) are defined.
<video>Describes a film or video

Styles and Semantics

<style>Defines a document’s style information
<div>Defines a document’s section
<span>Defines a document’s section
<header>Defines a document’s or section’s header
<footer>Defines a document’s or section’s footer
<main>Defines a document’s primary content
<section>Defines a document’s section
<article>Defines an article
<aside>Other than the page content, defines content
<details>Specifies extra information that a user can view or hide
<dialog>Defines a window or dialogue box
<summary>Establishes the visible heading for the details element.
<data>Gives a given piece of content a machine-readable translation

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