How to download UPSC’s new Android app.

On October 7, the Union Public Service Commission announced the release of an Android mobile application designed to give users access to information about applications and recruitment. The Introduction of the UPSC Android App on Google Play Store to give mobile users access to all information related to exams and recruitment. However, this app would not allow users to fill out application forms on their phones, “In a statement, it stated.

How to download UPSC’s new Android app?

UPSC asserts: The app can be used to view a variety of information related to the UPSC website, which is responsible for conducting competitive examinations and conducting interviews to make hiring decisions.

This app will help civil services aspirants to get all the information related to the exam dates, application process, notifications, results, and more as India’s smartphone-friendly generation grows.

In the meantime, the UPSC asserts that the app can be used to view the various information related to the UPSC’s website, which is charged with the duties of conducting competitive examinations as well as selection through interviews, recommending officers for appointment on promotion and transfer-on-deputation, among other things.

Users who downloaded the app claim that it is a scaled-down version of the UPSC website, though. “Simply converted the website into a program. Need to move a lot. Anyway, this is a positive development for online governance. I hope it will be updated on schedule, as opposed to the IOB online banking application, which was useless for so long “, a user commented on the Google Play Store.

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One more wrote, “In essence, it’s the website’s “Add to Home Screen” feature. It is straightforward and offers nearly every single website feature.” On the Google Play Store, the app currently has a 4.7-star rating.

How to download the UPSC app is as follows:

  1. Access Google Play.
  2. Look for UPSC-Official App and open it.
  3. Press Install.
  4. After installation, start the app.
  5. It is prepared for use.

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