Here’s Why a US Court Has Sanctioned Google Again

A judge in a decision that was unsealed on Wednesday stated that the Alphabet unit took too long to comply with a ruling made in a data-privacy class action last year, leading to a second recent sanction against Google by a US court.

In response to a class action lawsuit, US Magistrate Judge Susan van Keulen in San Jose, California, issued an order. The lawsuit claimed that Google illegally tracked its users while they were using the Chrome browsers of the company in private, or “incognito,” mode.

US District Judge James Donato found Google had neglected to preserve employee “chat” records as evidence in antitrust litigation in a separate decision made on Tuesday in California. Donato stated that the amount of the legal fees awarded to the plaintiffs’ attorneys will be decided later. Google denies the allegations.

In the data privacy case, Google claims that users of the Chrome browser gave their permission for the company to collect their data. Google has “provided and disclosed countless documents and discovery,” a spokesperson for the company claimed.

Van Keulen has previously fined Google in a similar case, as evidenced by the sanction in the data privacy action.

According to the most recent decision, Google was fined last year after failing to meet a deadline related to a court order. Both the most recent sanctions order from May 2022 and the one from May 2022 addressed internal Google data regarding customer use of the private browsing feature.

In accordance with the judge’s ruling, Google will not be permitted to rely on specific employee witnesses in the proceeding. Van Keulen further stated that Google must pay the costs of two experts hired by the plaintiffs, as well as a $79,000 (roughly Rs. 64,94,550) fine.

An enquiry for comment from the plaintiffs’ attorneys was not immediately answered.

The plaintiffs are consumers who are suing for an injunction that, among other things, could order Google to remove user-specific browsing data. November will mark the start of the trial.

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