Here’s How Google Pixel Phones Could Eventually Function as Dashcams

According to reports, Google is developing a feature that will let phones be used as dashcams. A dashcam, also known as a dashboard camera, is typically a small camera mounted on a car’s dashboard or on the windscreen (behind the rearview mirror). During a drive, the dashcam captures everything that is in front of the vehicle, and some high-end dashcams can also capture images of what is in the rear using a rear-facing lens. A similar feature is rumoured to be coming to Pixel smartphones as well as some Android devices, like the Nothing Phone 1.

A 9to5Google report claims that the Personal Safety app’s ‘dogfood’ apk version was accidentally released by the company. The report also stated that a feature known as the Dashcam was reportedly present in the app. The feature, according to the report, will let users use their phones as dashcams. During a drive, the feature will record videos and, if desired, audio, assisting in gathering helpful footage in case of an accident or other unforeseen circumstances.

The feature can be accessed via a “Dashcam” shortcut in the “Be prepared” section of the home page, which also lists features like “Emergency Sharing,” “Safety Check,” and “Car Crash Detection,” according to the report. Here, you can start a manual recording or access your most recent videos. When enabled, the feature is said to not interfere with using the phone, including using Google Maps for navigation. According to the report, the phone can be locked in order to save power, and the feature will still function normally.

According to the report, users can choose, when configuring the feature, to have recordings start automatically when the phone is connected to a specific Bluetooth device installed in the car, such as the music system, and end when the connection is broken.

According to reports, unless manually saved to the device or cloud, recorded footage from the dashcam will be automatically deleted after three days. According to the report, the recording will also be compressed, averaging “30 MB per minute,” with a 24-hour recording limit.

Unknown is whether the dashcam feature will use an ultra-wide lens or a special cooling method to combat overheating from the constantly recording and/or being mounted up in a position with direct sunlight. All reports of this feature need to be treated with caution because the company hasn’t even hinted at it or officially announced it.

In addition to introducing the Google Pixel 7a and Google Pixel Fold, Google recently hosted the I/O 2023 event. Both of these phones, along with other Pixel phones and particular Android smartphones, are expected to come with the dashcam feature when they are released.

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