Government Considers Self-Regulating Mechanism for Online Gaming Companies


According to the draught online gaming rules released on Monday, the government has suggested a self-regulatory mechanism, mandatory player verification, and physical Indian addresses for online gaming companies. The new IT regulations for social media platforms that were issued in 2021 will apply to online gaming companies.

The legal requirements of the country, including any laws governing gambling, betting, and the legal age at which a person can enter into a contract, must be complied with by the online gaming platforms.

The proposed amendments, according to the notice, “are intended to address the aforementioned need while facilitating the responsible expansion of the online gaming industry.”

The proposed amendments state that an online gaming intermediary must follow the rules and take “reasonable steps to ensure that its users do not host, display, upload, publish, transmit, or share an online game that is not in compliance with Indian law, including any law on gambling or betting.”

According to the principle outlined in the draught rules, online gaming companies will not be permitted to place bets on the results of games. He added that as of right now, all legal online gaming must be registered with a self-regulatory organisation that will be held responsible for upholding the online gaming laws.

“Betting on the result of a game will not be permitted in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the rule. All online gaming businesses must register with the self-regulatory organisation, which will determine the appropriate course of action “said the minister.

By placing a registration mark on all online games licenced by a self-regulatory body and informing users of its withdrawal or refund of deposit policy, method of calculating and distributing winnings, fees and other costs due, and KYC procedure for user account registration, the draught rules mandate additional due diligence for businesses.

“Self-regulatory organisations that are members of online gaming intermediaries and meet certain requirements will be registered with the ministry (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology) and may register online games on their website. These organisations will also resolve complaints using a grievance procedure, “There was a notice.

Public comments on the proposed rule are being sought by the Ministry of Electronics and IT by January 17.


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