Google Chrome Memory and Energy Saver Modes Roll Out for Desktops


Chrome for desktops now supports the Memory Saving and Energy Saver modes, which were unveiled last year. The features are now available and are turned on by default for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chromebooks. The desktop will operate more quickly and have a longer battery life when using Google’s browser while in Memory and Energy Saver mode. Memory Saver mode will automatically release memory from inactive tabs, whereas the Energy Saver function will prolong battery life by limiting background activity. The modes can be turned off in Chrome’s settings if they are not necessary.

After first introducing the memory and energy saving modes on Chrome 110 for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chromebooks in December 2022, Google is now widely implementing them, according to a report by 9To5Google. To free up memory and reduce battery consumption, the features prioritise open tabs and limit background tasks.

According to the details provided on Google’s support page, the Memory Saving and Energy Saver modes are turned on by default. Users can disable them by going to the Performances tab in Chrome’s settings sidebar. Google claims that by retiring inactive tabs, Memory Saver will allow users to free up space while maintaining the functionality of active tabs.

Memory saver mode will switch a tab into inactive mode when it is not being actively used by the user. When the user returns to the tab, the activity status will be updated. After the inactive tab is accessed, a notification reading “Tab Active Again” will appear.

On the other side, the Energy Saver mode will extend battery life while reducing device power usage. By decreasing the rate of image capture and other background operations, it will achieve this. It automatically operates when the device is running low on battery and is unplugged. The Energy Saving mode will not be activated if the device is plugged in and charging. The title bar will show the mode, along with a leaf and an electric indication.

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