Future Google Smart Speaker May Utilize Fuchsia OS


According to rumours, Google is developing a new smart home device that comes pre-installed with its Fuchsia OS. The Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max, two Google audio products, already utilise Fuchsia OS thanks to a software update. According to reports, the company is working on a future device that will use its own operating system. The device’s name has not yet been revealed, though. The first speaker to receive the Fuchsia OS update was the first-generation Nest Hub, which was released in 2018. The Nest Hub Max then followed.

Developers for Fuchsia recently submitted a document outlining an upcoming project, according to a report by 9to5Google. According to the document, which was later taken down, Fuchsia will now support JavaScript development, which will make managing and controlling a device simpler. It states that the operating system for devices will be Fuchsia. According to the report, Google intends to finish Fuchsia’s JavaScript support in the first half of 2023.

In addition, the document made a suggestion that Google would soon release a device running on Fuchsia. While the name of the device is unknown, the report predicts that it will either be a Pixel Tablet dock with speakers or a third-generation Nest Mini and full Nest Audio replacement with Ultra-Wideband (UWB) connectivity.

Google has not yet announced any plans to release a new Fuchsia-powered speaker, but according to the report, the company’s next flagship Nest speaker is expected to go on sale in either the fall of 2023 or the spring of 2024 and will come pre-loaded with Fuchsia. According to reports, it will be the first device with Fuchsia preinstalled.

Earlier in 2018, Fuchsia was discovered in the ART (Android RunTime) branch of Google’s AOSP (Android Open Source Project), which offered a hint at native Android app support. The OS was claimed to provide a consistent user experience on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

The Fuchsia operating system, on the other hand, was said to concentrate on developing software for embedded hardware and the IoT (Internet of Things) in 2016. However, Dave Burke, the previous vice president of engineering for Android, had earlier claimed that Fuchsia OS is separate from Android and is still an early-stage experimental project.


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