By 2024, all of Himachal Pradesh will have 5G coverage, according to the IT Secretary.


According to a state official, Himachal Pradesh’s rural and urban areas will have functional 5G services by the end of 2024.

According to IT Secretary Abhishek Jain, this will guarantee better Internet capabilities and bridge the digital divide for the majority of people.

He said that in the current environment, data is the new oil to make all the segments work with efficiency and momentum, which is not possible without the development of the telecommunication sector and 5G services. He was speaking at the state level meeting, which was held here on Monday, on the modalities for using government infrastructure/street furniture in establishing telecom structure to make 5G services functional in state by 2024.

According to him, the government of Himachal is also continuously working to develop the telecom industry and is making every effort to roll out 5G service as soon as possible. He also stressed that in order for this to be accomplished within a given time frame, both government officials and service providers must work in coordination and with a clearly defined strategy.

It has been observed that all service providers continue to dig up land to erect poles and fibre, which inconveniences the public and pollutes the environment.

In light of this, he placed emphasis on identifying the mechanism that would cause the public and the environment the least amount of inconvenience while implementing the 5G service.

He recommended that all service providers coordinate and complete the installation work all at once to avoid having to repeatedly dig up the ground.


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