By 2023–2024, India might release its first homegrown chip, according to MoS IT


Open source computer chipset design According to Rajeev Chandrasekhar, minister of state for electronics and information technology, RISC-V is growing into a global movement with India playing a leading role.

The minister said Indian startups using RISC-V have enormous opportunities for developing products, devices, and AI solutions with global companies like Tenstorrent expressing interest in collaborations. He was speaking at the RISC-V Technology Conference, which was organised by Tenstorrent.

According to Chandrasekhar, “RISC-V is growing into a global movement with India as a leading player.”

In order to accelerate local development of electronic chips and launch the first indigenous chipset by 2023–2024, the Ministry of Electronics and IT has started the Digital India RISC–V (DIR–V) programme.

In the next five years, centres of gravity will be rebuilt around newer geopolitics and new talent pools. We are living in extremely interesting times for the technology sector. Young Indians will help Semicon develop new products, devices, and solutions in the future, according to the minister.

As a former chip designer himself, Chandrasekhar applauded Jim Keller’s choice to base the headquarters of his startup Tenstorrent in India.

The AMD K7 processor, the first computer chipset to achieve 1 gigahertz processing speed, the AMD K8 processors, the Apple A4 and A5 chipsets, and later his role as the head of the leading design team at AMD are among Keller’s most well-known accomplishments.

The first iPad was constructed using the Apple A4 processor.

“I am pleased that within a year of the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s announcement of the First Semicon India Conference, international semicon leaders like Jim Keller are relocating to India and igniting upcoming design startups in the nation. Bengaluru is the centre of RISC-V innovation, and India is the time and place for it, according to Chandrasekhar.


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