Beginner PHP Tutorials: 7 Days to Mastery

PHP Tutorial Overview

The most used scripting language on the internet is PHP. Yahoo, Google, and Facebook would not have existed without PHP. You will become a PHP expert after completing the course. The course will assist you in creating your very own Opinion Poll application once you have mastered all the fundamentals.

What do I need to know?

To complete this course, all you would need is a working knowledge of PHP. This guide is meant for people who have never used PHP before.

PHP Course Syllabus

PHP Foundations

👉🏻 Lecture 1What is PHP? — Write your first PHP Program
👉🏻 Lecture 2How to install XAMPP on Windows — Download & Install XAMPP on Windows
👉🏻 Lecture 3PHP Data Types — Data Types,
👉🏻 Lecture 4PHP Variables  — Variables, Global Keyword, Variable Scope
👉🏻 Lecture 5PHP Constant & String — Constant, String, define()
👉🏻 Lecture 6PHP Operator — Types of Operators, With Examples
👉🏻 Lecture 7PHP Comments — Include/Include_once, Require/Require_once
👉🏻 Lecture 8PHP Array — Associative, Multidimensional

Let’s start with some logic!

👉🏻 Lecture 1PHP Control Structures — If else, Switch Case
👉🏻 Lecture 2PHP Loop — For, ForEach, While, Do While [Example]
👉🏻 Lecture 3PHP Form — What is Form? action | HTTP POST | GET
👉🏻 Lecture 4Registration form in PHP — PHP Registration Form using GET, POST Methods | Examples
👉🏻 Lecture 5PHP Session  — Learn with Example
👉🏻 Lecture 6PHP Cookies  — Learn with Example
👉🏻 Lecture 7PHP File() Function — File_exists, Fopen, Fwrite, Fclose, Fgets, copy, unlink
👉🏻 Lecture 8PHP File-Uploading  — PHP File Uploading with Example
👉🏻 Lecture 9PHP Exception and Error Handling — try | catch | throw | Examples
👉🏻 Lecture 10PHP mail() Function — How to Send Email using PHP mail() Function
👉🏻 Lecture 11PHP MySQLi Functions — mysqli_query, mysqli_connect, mysqli_fetch_array
👉🏻 Lecture 12PHP Date() & Time Function — How to Get Current Timestamp?
👉🏻 Lecture 13PHP Security Function — strip_tags, filter_var, Md5 and sha1

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