At CES 2023, Samsung Introduces SmartThings Station, SmartThings Pet Care, and More.


At the CES 2023 conference in Las Vegas on Thursday, Samsung Electronics revealed its plans to use devices and innovation to create a connected world. The South Korean electronics company shared its goals for improving connectivity and promoting sustainability with its major partners. Additionally, the business has unveiled SmartThings Station, a smart home control system that enables users to link and manage devices at home remotely. Additionally, SmartThings Pet Care, which can track and share alerts about pets, was unveiled. Samsung also discussed its new collaborations and strategies for lowering carbon footprint at home during the keynote.

This year at CES, Samsung unveiled its vision for a connected world powered by cutting-edge technologies that offer smarter and more user-friendly interactions. The business claimed that it is concentrating on seamlessly integrating devices and designing products to increase the sustainability of daily technology use. In order to provide users with a smarter home experience, it has unveiled SmartThings Station and SmartThings Pet ces 2023 gadgets360 SmartThings Station

A smart home control system that works with Matter is SmartThings Station. It can be used to connect various home appliances, such as TVs and speakers. Additionally, it enables gadget charging. It functions as a wireless charging pad that can support up to 15W of power for smartphones, earbuds, and other compatible devices. SmartThings Station can be used to automate preset routines created through the SmartThings mobile app rather than manually controlling individual devices. By pressing the Smart Button, you can create up to three different routines. The SmartThings app also allows for remote activation of routines. Samsung’s SmartThings Find, which helps users locate lost devices, is integrated with it. According to Samsung, pressing the Smart Button twice will ring a nearby phone.

The brand’s new pet service, SmartThings Pet Care, can alert both people and pets to suspicious circumstances. Additionally, users of the SmartThings Home Monitor can watch over their homes directly from their phones.

Additionally, the business disclosed its partnership with Philips Hue to use the Philips Hue Sync TV app to sync content from Samsung TVs with Philips Hue lighting. Additionally, Knox Matrix was mentioned, which serves as a private blockchain system for smart devices and syncs credentials across devices.

In collaboration with Harman, it also unveiled Harman Ready Care, which measures driver distraction and drowsiness using data collected from the car’s sensors using a machine learning algorithm.

In addition, Samsung stated that it wanted to eliminate all carbon emissions by 2050. By 2027, the DX Division will switch to entirely renewable energy, and by 2030, it will have net-zero carbon emissions.

At the CES, Samsung has already displayed new products. It previously added new Neo QLED, MicroLED, and OLED TV models along with new models to its monitor lineup. At the yearly event, it will also showcase a Flex Hybrid folding display.

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