A New Protection Layer Will Be Added by Google Chrome for Unsecure HTTP Downloads


According to reports, Google Chrome is developing a new feature that will shield users from unsafe HTTP downloads. Because HTTPS encryption is now used by the majority of secure websites, Chrome plans to stop all HTTP downloads, promoting private and secure browsing. The browser currently has a few security features, such as mixed elements and a toggle for “Always use secure connections” in the security settings. For older websites that only use HTTP-encryption, the browser also displays a “Not Secure” warning in the address bar.

A recent code change for Google Chrome has been discovered with a feature that will alert users of insecure downloads from websites using HTTP, according to a report by 9To5Google. The technology giant has not commented on the feature, which is currently in development. Users will receive a warning from the feature to use a secure HTTPS connection. It will prevent HTTP encryption downloads from unsecure websites.

According to the report, the browser will flag the download as unsafe even if a website that uses HTTPS redirects users to a less secure HTTP server for downloading before leading them to a secure HTTPS connection again. Chrome will also prevent downloads from a website if access to it is only possible through HTTP encryption. Users, however, will reportedly be able to get around the block. According to the report, the feature will only issue a loud warning rather than actually shielding users from risky downloads.

According to the report, the update may be tested alongside Chrome 111, which is scheduled to launch in March 2023. However, because it is still in development, it is unknown when the stable version will be released.

In the meantime, Chrome recently released an update to its address bar that added new shortcuts for simpler browsing. For the Chrome 108 desktop version, the browser has added three site search shortcuts: @tabs, @bookmarks, and @history. After entering any of these three shortcuts, pressing the spacebar will direct you to the appropriate page.


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